B2.Spice A/D 2015 Features

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Product Highlights

  • Redesigned User Interface - more intuitive control using toolbars, tabs, and buttons.
  • Virtual Instruments - oscilloscope, ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, distortion meters, and MORE.
  • "Live Circuit" Parameters that can be altered as a simulation is running. Results are displayed on virtual instruments or on the schematic via circuit animation.
  • Parts Browser with customizable Parts Palette.
  • Curve Tracer circuits to plot the behavior of an active device before you place it in your circuit.
  • Simulation mode - continuous transient simulation
  • Multiple level tests - Parameter Sweeps or Monte Carlo Analysis in ANY test.
  • "Real-world" devices model performance of actual parts such as capacitors, resistors, and inductors.
  • Circuit Wizard to step you through the creation of the most commonly used circuit configurations
  • Graphing module - complete control over all aspects of the graph.
  • Window projects to keep all the documents in a project in one Window.
  • Cross-Probing that interactively updates the graph as you add or move the probes around the circuit.
  • Circuit Visualization to display the actual current flow through the circuit and the relative voltage relationships by varying the wire's display color.
  • Quick, easy, and intuitive Schematic Entry with a large set of keyboard shortcuts.
  • 12 powerful Test (analysis) types
  • 25,000 digital and analog Parts including hundreds of REALISTIC behavioral models for such parts as resistors, inductors and capacitors.
  • Shared process models and parameterized subcircuit models
  • Device Manager with integrated Symbol Editor for importing and managing parts libraries and creating new database parts from any circuit
  • Full Netlist compatibility and operability


System Requirements:

  • A Pentium class or later processor
  • 256Mb RAM minimum
  • Windows 8 recommended but fully compatible with Windows 7