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I have been using B2SPICE V4.2.2 for analogue and RF circuit simulation during the past two months with good results. The software is installed on a PII-400 PC with Windows 2000. Installation was quick and easy. Creation and editing of parts using the model editor was mostly straightforward except I found the 'pin allocation' set-up confusing at first. The circuit drawing is easy to use and flexible, although I would also like a 'window' move and copy facility ideally. The first application was simulation of a common base class C RF power amplifier using transient and network analyses, the second application was an audio power amplifier, using transient and frequency response analyses. I have found the convergence reliable, with reasonable speed and consistent results. Oscillations with the audio amplifier were closely emulated by the software when compared to the prototype's operation.
Tim Brown, Project Engineer

As a supplier of motor controllers for the automotive industry, the heart of our business is electronics engineering. We are highly involved in simulations with emphasis on worst-case circuit analysis.

As users of B2 SPICE, we found the product intuitive and cost-effective. Technical support via the Internet is excellent and B2 SPICE has become an indispensable tool in our business.

Gerald DeSantis
V.P. & General Manager
Advanced Control Technology, LLC
I have always been impressed with the prompt, detailed response by your staff to my inquiries, particularly concerning Spice models of obscure components or a more detailed explanation of some B2 Spice function. The product is a "steal" at the price. I look forward to a future addition providing circuit interaction and perhaps a virtual scope.
Dowdall O'Dacre

I've purchased B2 Spice in order to test some analog hardware ideas before actually building them. The program is beyond all my expectations , by far superior to all those "all-in-one" packages that try to capture the schematic, edit the PCB, route the traces, and ultimately, simulate it. From my experience, if you REALLY know what you are doing, and if you are interested into knowing how a circuit will behave, B2 Spice gives you the quickest and most reliable simulation results.

Why? Here are the answers :
1. You don't have to wait 3 month to earn the money you are actually going to spend to buy that software. B2 Spice is significantly less expensive than other more ambitious simulation packages. And here comes the surprise : B2 Spice is more EFFICIENT.
2. The schematic capture is better (more intuitive - less keystrokes) than competition.
3. If you don't trust the massive built-in database that comes as standard, full of SPICE models, you can define from scratch ALL your parts. Including bipolar, JFET or CMOS design rules, models, subcircuits, parts and layouts. The process is absolutely not painful (in comparison with more package that ask you to define a host of obscure parameters).
4. This means that the software is so open, that you could substitute current by money and define operators and parts that are not electronic parts, but economy-oriented elements like borrowers, interest-makers, transformers, and so on ...
5. Let's come back to electronics. B2 Spice customer support is a sort of miracle. a) they reply to ALL your questions and they REALLY help you regarding simulation convergence tips, PSpice models trimming, and b) sometimes they take your circuit and they return it to you with some parameters or definitions modifications in order to get the job done.
6. On special occasions, for exotic circuitry like high speed audio power amplifiers and valve-amplifier, they give you names of external specialist that have extended experience on B2 Spice. Then you start exchanging ideas and schematics, and after a few weeks you really know the value of B2 Spice, and the people that make it.
Trust them !
Their product is really fine, and customer support is fantastic.

Stéphane Cnockaert
We used B2 Spice to successfully simulate the analog side of a inter-beat interval pulse monitor. Learning curve was short, and the UI is easy to use. We had some graphing problems but customer support was instant .. we called them, and got an answer .. (no 17 minutes of elevator music) .. I wanted something to get our design up and running quickly and we got it.
Tom Poliquin

It's simple. The cycle goes like this: "Buy it, simulate, repeat for next project - save money & get addicted!"

In a nut shell its a great simulator possibly let down by its community for not sharing or converting models. Regulators are a prime example, Battery models etc. Support for tables or user observed values to assist modeling would be welcome.

The schematic editor is very good and quite intuitive. I've recently started using the free version of Eagle cad to generate PCB's for outline/contour milling with a home made CNC machine. Eagle's UI leaves a lot to be desired - this is when I really appreciated the user interface in B2 Spice !!!

I have used various other packages that claim to be the latest and greatest only to be lost in a maze of menus, fumbling over example files trying to recreate at least "something like" the examples and getting now where fast. -B2 Spice triumphs in this respect.

Mike Rooke
B2Spice is a very good value, low end product for those that are not at the cutting edge of SPICE capabilities, it has evolved quickly during the few years I have been using it and the development team are very responsive to user problems. This product would be ideal for teaching, small business and anyone on a tight budget.
Joe Tusek